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Inhalation Devices: Various forms of administration for Therapeutic Optimization

Open Journal of Asthma
Volume: 1
Número: 2

Introduction: Aerosol therapy consists of spraying liquid particles suspended for therapeutic purposes in the respiratory tract. With direct absorption and deposition at the lung level, avoiding side effects and presenting fast response time. Several factors infl uence the drug action, such as size, particle movement, ventilatory fl ow, pulmonary expansion, anatomy, respiratory mechanics and the nebulizer and
patient interface. The therapeutic optimization depends on the type of nebulizer differentiating itself by the physical principle that generates the mist.

Objectives: Check advantages and disadvantages of different inhalation devices. Methodology. This is a review of the PubMed database using descriptors: ultrasonic and jet nebulizer, aerosol deposition in the lung, metered dose inhaler and dry, inhaler therapy.
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