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The economic impact of severe asthma to low-income families

Journal compilation  2009 Blackwell Munksgaard
Ano: 2009
Volume: 64

Authors: R. Franco, H. F. Nascimento, A. A. Cruz, A. C. Santos, C. Souza-Machado, E. V. Ponte, A. Souza-Machado, L. C. Rodrigues, M. L. Barreto

Background: To estimate the direct and indirect costs of severe asthma and the economic impact of its management to low-income families in Salvador, Brazil. Methods: One hundred and ninety-seven patients with severe asthma and referred to a state-funded asthma center providing free treatment were evaluated. At registration, they were asked about family cost-events in the previous year and had a baseline assessment of lung function, symptoms and quality of life. During the subsequent year, they were reassessed prospectively.  Continue reading


Cost-effectiveness analysis of a state funded programme for control of severe asthma

BMC Public Health
Ano: 2007
Volume: 7
Numero: 82

Authors: Rosana Franco, Andreia C Santos, Harrison F do Nascimento,
Carolina Souza-Machado, Eduardo Ponte, Adelmir Souza-Machado,
Sebastião Loureiro, Maurício L Barreto, Laura C Rodrigues and
Alvaro A Cruz

Background: Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases and a major economical burden to families and health systems. Whereas efficacy of current therapeutical options has been clearly established, cost-effectiveness analysis of public health interventions for asthma control are scarce. Continue reading