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Free asthma medications reduces hospital admissions in Brazil (Free asthma drugs reduces hospitalizations in Brazil)

Fornecimento de medicações gratuitas para asma apresentou impacto relevante na redução do número de hospitalizações por asma

Recentemente, foi publicado no periódico Respiratory Medicine, o artigo intitulado Free asthma medications reduces hospital admissions in Brazil. O estudo, liderado pelos professores Paulo Pitrez e Leonardo Pinto, do Centro Infant da PUCRS, avaliou o impacto do fornecimento de medicamentos gratuitos pelo programa Farmácia Popular (beclometasona e salbutamol) sobre o risco de hospitalização por asma no Brasil.

Utilizando a base de dados nacional do DATASUS, foram comparadas as taxas de hospitalizações por asma, antes e após o fornecimento gratuito desses medicamentos (iniciado em 2011). As taxas de hospitalização por asma foram significativamente reduzidas, de 90.0/100.000 (período 2008-2010) para 59.8/100.000 (período 2012-2014). Por outro lado, as taxas de hospitalização por causas não-respiratórias permaneceram estáveis, quando ambos os períodos também foram comparados. Continue reading


Environmental Pollution: An Under-recognized Threat to Children’s Health, Especially in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Environmental Health Perspectives
Ano: 2016
Volume: 124
Número: 3

Authors: Suk WA, Ahanchian H, Asante KA, Carpenter DO, Diaz-Barriga F, Ha EH, Huo X, King M, Ruchirawat M, da Silva ER, Sly L, Sly PD, Stein RT, van den Berg M, Zar H, Landrigan PJ.

Exposures to environmental pollutants during windows of developmental vulnerability in early life can cause disease and death in infancy and childhood as well as chronic, non-communicable diseases that may manifest at any point across the life span. Patterns of pollution and pollution-related disease change as countries move through economic development. Environmental pollution is now recognized as a major cause of morbidity and mortality in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). According to the World Health Organization, pollution is responsible for 8.9 million deaths around the world each year; of these, 94% (8.4 million) are in LMICs. Toxic chemical pollution is growing into a major threat to children’s health in LMICs. Continue reading


Burden of asthma among inner-city children from Southern Brazil

Journal of Asthma
Ano: 2016
Número: 53
Volume: 5

Authors: Cristian Roncada, Suelen Goecks de Oliveira, Simone Falcão Cidade, Edgar Enrique Sarria, Rita Mattiello, Beatriz Sebben Ojeda, Beatriz Regina Lara dos Santos, Andréia da Silva Gustavo, Leonardo Araújo Pinto, Marcus Herbert Jones, Renato Tetelbom Stein & Paulo Márcio Pitrez

Objective: To assess the impact of asthma in a population of inner-city Brazilian children. Methods: In a cross-sectional study, we selected children with asthma and healthy controls from public schools (8–16 years) from a capital city of Southern Brazil. Divided into three phases, questionnaires were administered, assessing lung function, body mass index and allergic sensitization. Results: From 2500 children initially included in the study (48.4% males; mean age of 11.42 ± 2.32 years), asthma prevalence was detected in 28.6% (715/2500). The disease was not controlled in 42.7% (305/715) of the children, with 7.6% of hospitalization rate. School absenteeism (at least one day of missing school because of asthma) and sedentary behavior were high (57.1 and 67.2%, respectively), with 47.9% of subjects requiring oral steroids in the previous year, and physical well-being significantly lower than controls, directly interfering with quality of life, and therefore in the daily activities of these students. Continue reading